Friday, June 08, 2007

Wedding... Party

I'm going to a friend's wedding party in a little while. I guess I should check out when exactly this thing is. Anyway, it's a Marquette friend, which means other Marquette people will be there. Maybe we can exorcise the demons of rigid, angry handjobs and go-nowhere political arguments. I've promised myself not to be all superior, and I swear I don't act like that normally (just shy and quiet and sometimes jokey, which comes off as the same thing), it's just that Marquette gatherings seem to bring out the worst in me.

I'm happy for my friend Sam, the marrying toady, and his invite included this thing where you put down three songs to be played at the party (they're getting married out of the country so this is one of those pre- or post-game things). Here is a list that I will need to whittle down:

"I Can't Wait to See That Look On My Baby's Face" by Dusty Springfield
- It's got this cinematic, romantic lilt to it, lounge horns and first-rate arrangement, not to mention Dusty's freakin' sultry pipes. It's also about not being able to wait to see the look on her baby's face when she tells him they're through. Kind of the opposite of the vibe we want here. My favorite Dusty track, though.

"Falling and Laughing" by Orange Juice
-I think it's kind of cool that Orange Juice appropriated disco beats for their jangly punk, and I love Edwyn Collins spastic vocals. I've heard two versions, one from the recently (as in last few years) released compendium, The Glasgow School, and one from a Japanese import version of You Can't Hide Your Love Forever. The former beats the latter hands down, just because the latter sounds much more staid and placid, and Collins doesn't sound like he's about to have a seizure. This is one of the leading candidates for the list. The female being addressed in this song, though, apparently has some serious self-confidence issues. I'll have to find out from Sam if this is the case.

"Backwater" by Brian Eno
-Just because it makes me feel like I'm the captain of a plexiglass pirate ship on a synthetic sea. But then, this isn't about me, so this one's out.

"Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard" by !!!
-There'll be a lot of Republicans in attendance. But I don't know if they like to get down. Questionable.

"Everything's Just Wonderful" by Lily Allen or "Kick, Push" by Lupe Fiasco
-Danceable indie rock, even with the resurgence of post-punk like Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys, is still pretty rare. Or maybe I'm not putting down a Ferdinand song so that I won't hear someone say, "Yeah, I remember three years ago, some hipster asshole kept making me listen to this shit." That hipster asshole was me, asshole. So here are the two poppiest tracks I own. Or they represent my pop canon. Lily Allen's melody sounds like the muzak at a grocery store. Catchier than you might imagine. "Kick, Push" is a rap song. It is one of twelve or so that are in my ipod. Nix on both.

"North American Scum" by LCD Soundsystem
-Something tells me this is crowd will not be big on irony.

"How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths
-"So you go on your own, and you leave on your own, and you come and you cry and you want to die." I can see myself like Clive Owen in "Closer", coming apart at the seams, watching miserable slags gyrating. I might include this just to see a seventy-year old man mouth the words "What the fuck?"

"Come Sail Away" by Styx; "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey; "Cherry Pie" by Warrant
-Because many Marquette alums' musical tastes have not evolved past 1986. Seriously. There were a number of people when I was there who would consider U2 to be a band that "takes a lot of chances."

"Your Body Is A Wonderland" by John Mayer
-That's the name of the song, right? They will play this, I will take the mic and say, "Remember when you fucking people made him famous?"

"Festival" by Dungen
-Great song, but I'm not so sure I'm ready for an acid rock freak-out, or to share such an experience with a number of people, most of whom I am not comfortable with.

"Fighting In a Sack" by The Shins
-This actually may be a choice. It's such a great take on rockabilly, and white people love to dance to rockabilly. We'll all do that retarded frantic leg kick thing that the soul-less have appropriated as our go-to fast music dance.


Blogger ashby said...

What about "Hello Darlin" by Conway Twitty? Nothing eases one in to a little romance like a gettin-back-together song that features plenty of Foghorn Leghorn-quality dialogue.

6/13/2007 12:30 PM  

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