Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A list of people and animals that Norman Mailer punched out

-Adolf Hitler, on the cover of Action Comics #26.

-Coldcocked Frank Sinatra on the chin, on the eve of his marriage to Mia Farrow, saying, "He probably woulda liked it better up the ass."

-Sucker-punched Lyndon Johnson in 1954, after a night of drinking heavily and screwing prositutes in Mexicali. Johnson had said, "All men should be so lucky," and when Mailer assented, Johnson cracked, "I was talkin' about your whore."

-Body slammed Judd Hirsch, in a special bicentennial episode of Taxi. Also, after an all-hours wrap party, kicked an ass-grabbing Tony Danza in the teeth.

-Known to castrate sheep with his teeth, which he'd pared down to a gleaming point with a knife sharpener

-Sodomized Tiny Tim before a Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, claimed to have seen better teeth on a "Gook's cunt."

-Stabbed a young Ronny Reagan in the face with an augur. The two later became best pals.

-Whipped a homeless boy with a leather strap "for his own good". You may know this boy as former senator John Edwards.


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