Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I've noticed lately the utter disdain many people have when they say the word "intellectual." Apparently, it belongs in the same gutter as the words "liberal" and progressive" if not "educated." There seems to always have been a distrust for anyone who has bothered to educate themselves in this country - see the 1952 election of Eisenhower vs. Stevenson or either election in the 21st century so far. President Bush - and this is by no means a slander - seems to be embarrassed that he received his education from Yale. Nuance is a dirty word in the national discourse. It is not curmudgeonly to suggest that the masses are unintelleigent, uninformed, and prone to classism. When did this seep into the political landscape? Perhaps I am being idealistic.

Two things have happened so far this week that I have taken interest in. One, it came out that John Kerry and George Bush had very similar grades at Yale, and many people are gloatingly recalling the "intellectual" tag that Kerry received during the election season. Notwithstanding the fact that even the Bush campaign cast Kerry as an intellectual, what does this report mean? That there is a liberal bias in the media? Well, why did the completely unsubstantiated slander of the Swiftboat Vets gain such traction? Two, that Bush is smarter than we think? Well, he is President, but at the same time, he was a C student, and the report reveals that Kerry had lower grades than we all though - not that Bush had higher grades. Also, we have all witnessed Bush press conferences - it harkens back to Mark Twain's axiom - that it's better to appear quiet and dumb as opposed to opening your mouth and removing all doubt. Reagan was a master at applying this. Also, we could say this - Kerry was a C student, hadn't earned his keep, could have gotten a job wherever he wanted, but instead went to Vietnam - whereas Bush was a C student, did get whatever job he wanted, still hasn't earned his keep, and pussed out of Vietnam. Does anyone really want to compare the two? This also reminds me of people like Limbaugh et al who have remarked lately that we could have won Vietnam if not for all those liberal radical pussies. I believe it was in the documentary "The Fog of War" about former Sec. of State and Vietnam War architect Robert Macnamara said that he regrets ever having escalated Vietnam, and that it was the most awful, senseless war America ever got into. Hm. Ringing endorsement, that is.

The other thing I noticed was the Howard Dean statement that the Republican Party is a mostly rich, white group. When has this ever been up for debate? You really want to argue that the agenda of the Republican Party does not benefit rich, white people the most? And still, Democrats are shying away from this. Fucking cowards. Why don't they throw out some rhetorical fire bombs that actually have some substance to them? Is it really controversial to say that the policies this administration enforces help out war profiteers and rich rich rich people? To say that the war is not going well? Fuck it. I'm just going to take my college education and watch this country sink further into stupidity and loathing.


Anonymous Petey B said...

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6/23/2005 3:01 PM  
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6/23/2005 3:33 PM  
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