Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hortense bravely wages his battle with diabetes. Noble.

Petunia eats a chicken foot she found in the drainage ditch. Yum!

And what is this kitty up to??? Adorable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May people ask what to do if with a cat that is unfriendly and surly. Do you have any suggestions?

11/20/2008 5:16 PM  
Blogger JoePo said...

The answer is simple: The cat is obviously not a cat at all, but a forest sprite captured and forced into mortal form, intent on causing as much mischief as it can in its foreshortened life.

But how can you be sure that your cat is not a cat at all, or if it is merely suffering from kitty schizophrenia (don't chuckle at it's fun sounding name, it is in fact a terrible disease that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy's cat)? You must ask it an open-ended question. As we all know, cats are very good at answering yes/no questions, but struggle with abstract thought. If you ask it, for instance, what is the proper economic policy during a recession and the cat doesn't hem and haw and bluff until it can distract you with some adorable paw-centered antics, then you have a forest sprite on your hands. The proper method is to break its neck, a move known as Oprah's Gambit (for reasons that should be obvious to readers of this blog), so that its head may look behind and metaphorically see the path of mischief it has left in its wake.

On the off-chance you have a real cat acting unfriendly and surly, my advice is to get rid of it and buy a new cat.

11/21/2008 10:14 PM  
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