Sunday, March 12, 2006


I was looking over some of the comments here and saw some automated comment that some writers apparently use to get more traffic at their sites. It said he/she found my site "inquisitive." Clearly he had not read anything here. I wonder if this same message appears on sites set up by thirteen year old girls talking about the black eyed peas. Jesus Christ they suck. Although I do find that Verizon commercial with the woman dancing militantly to a remix of that shitty Lumps song (there was enough material there to cobble together a remix?) oddly alluring. And I think the people who work for Breast Cancer Awareness should issue a statement about how wrong it is to sexualize a horrible disease. I also saw that McDonald's commercial where those business guys do meaningless small talk and then one of them asks him about his Micky D's sandwich, which starts this spontaneous - albeit benign yet strangely feminine - outburst of how great it is. Then the guy realizes his mistake and goes back to small talk. Thank you, McDonald's, for advertising how meaningless you think our daily plight is and should be.

You know what? Even though I'm one person posting on a site that no one really reads but Pete - hey, Pete - I'm going to start referring to myself in the royal We, like Gawker does, because it has the force of opinion behind it. Thusly, when I say, "We get an erection watching Cirque de Soliel commercials," you think this is a) a trend and b) something you might consider.

We're going to be a teaching assistant for a 100 level class next year. We hope we don't get slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit, because we'll be paying out our asses. But that's what we'll get for spotting that DV Camera on the dresser at that most compromising moment.


Anonymous Peter Upshaw Barnidge said...

I am your biggest fan Joe Poznanskistein

3/22/2006 9:56 AM  
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What should I hillock my healthiness care provider before I acquire this medicine?
[u]They desperate straits to recognize if you bear any of these conditions:[/u]

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