Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Some Thoughts

Quick, place the over-under on someone in my writing workshop having a manuscript in which a black character says something like "quiet-like."

It was 80 degrees yesterday at this point. It was 20 degrees when I went to bed. I hate that about March. I'm waiting for Greg Gutfield to call me "liberal pussy." I would then shoot back with "Maxim writer." And I would win.

Holy shit Chris Matthews just made another unquantifiable value judgment like "he is a great man" in order to end debate over the guy's policies.

Do Bill O'Reilly viewers watch Talking Points the way an infant gazes upon a mobile?

Paul Begala is so far up the Democratic Party's ass, his head looks like a donkey. Not like, a donkey head, or a head with ears and giant teeth, but a whole donkey. I ripped off Homestarrunner for that, but no one reads this anyway.

Is David Berman Jewish? Seriously, I'm asking.


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