Saturday, March 31, 2007

Doin Stuff

It's been over a month since my last post. I read Paglia's second monthy column, and I'm convinced she's putting us on. No way does a real pretentious person say that our myopic, utterly disconnected academians disdain the working man by not marvelling at the wonderful industrial works of the country. By way of this, she gives a starry-eyed anecdote about walking around Baltimore (I'm not sure if it was Baltimore, and I can't be bothered to look at that fucking scrawl again) and happening upon a glorious depot where trucks are hauling out cocoa beans. Or is cacoa. Whatever. Why this struck her with such awe, I don't know. Maybe a trucker offered her speed. Really, Paglia is either putting us on, or she is a bloviate, a slightly more educated Peter King. Peter King who said, "I've been out of the music pipeline, but I had to slap myself on the head when I heard Norah Jones. What took me so long to get into her stuff?" That one.

I've been reading on a few blogs, some enthusiastic Cubs fans talking about how the Cards' rotation blows. I don't give a shit for two reasons: Everyone said that last year, even far into September, and the Cards won the World Series. Suck it. I'm sure whoever pitches after Zambrano is great, though.

Joakim Noah is a spaz. That's why everyone hates him, nation's incredulous sportswriters.

If I refuse to see 300 because it was adapted from a work by Frank Miller and because it's homophobic, does that make me the liberal version of creative rightist moralists who said they wouldn't see Brokeback Mountain because it "endorsed adultery." No, I am not. Frank Miller is a tool.


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