Sunday, December 16, 2007

NFL Commercials

I really hate those Joe's Diner NFL commercials and it's all basically the fault of the zen Patriots fan. Although, it is a public service by the NFL to remind us all why it's so easy to hate that team and its fan base. For exigent purposes, I'll pretend that the Pats fan is a real person. He's like a mix between Cliff Claven and... well, that's pretty much it. He's a 2007 Cliff Claven. Why do I hate him so? In one commercial, he talks about how zen he is about the Patriots chances, but what that means to me is his wife just left him, his two teenage kids hate him because he spends his rare sober moments talking to some schlub and a washed-up Joe Montana (who is apparently laying low in some northeast town because the boys in the mafia found out he was gay or some shit) about pop culture and football as opposed to spending time with them. But everything's okie-dokie for him because the Pats are good, and this is what gives him his totally evident and completely artificial sense of superiority. It's a bleak commentary on the day-to-day life of a Boston-area fan who can't bring himself to shower, shave, or even wake up before noon on weekdays, but who has watched "Tombstone" fifteen times and thinks other people who like it are poseurs.


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