Monday, June 28, 2010

I Crap Bigger'n You

I keep getting struck by how much of an odious fuck is Jeffrey Goldberg. Glenn Greenwald dismantles his entire journalistic career - enthusiastic stenography in the run-up to Iraq (and since then) as well as vicious, IDF-protecting nonsense - and Goldberg responds by kicking the ball across the field and talking about how Greenwald has never been to Kurdistan. What this is meant to prove is that even if all of the reasons listed for going into Iraq were wrong, we were still right to go because Hussein was a genocidal maniac (as if that's ever been a priority for American military intervention), even though it's a red herring. Of course, it's also saying Greenwald can't possibly be right because he's never been to Iraq or Kurdistan, which is, of course, why we always judge someone's rightness or wrongness based on their physical proximity to the event in question. It's a juvenile debate tactic, akin to whipping out one's dick and a tape measure. Only, to extend an-already-strained metaphor, it's in response to Greenwald saying Goldberg's hat doesn't fit.


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