Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Which Sufjan Stevens Makes An Album About Missouri

I heard some guy has this thing going on with this friends where they make up tracklists for the other 48 states that Sufjan Stevens has yet to make albums for. So, I thought of a few for Missouri:


An Interlude for Dred Scott (who was mistreated, but is remembered fondly)

The Mark McGwire Expressway, or Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Hannibal! Show Us Your Cabins

Repose for Harry S. Truman, Who Dropped the Bomb

Missouri, Forgotten River

A Word Regarding the Recent Unpleasantness In Jefferson City (Agriculture Lobby! Lend Me Your Ears!)

God, why is Kansas City in Missouri?

World Series, 1982

The Death of Tennessee Williams' Sister

The Transubstantiation (Kate Chopin Appears To Me On a Warm Evening)


Blogger T Po said...

"Arches and Dreams, or the Tragic Flight"

"To the Imprisoned Graduates of St. Louis, A Reprieve for Your Transgressions"

"Samuel Clemens, Abolitionist"

4/24/2006 5:01 PM  

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