Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Xenophobic Statement of the Week

And now for the Xenophobic Statement of the Week, a long running - perhaps the most popular - feature of this blog:

I'm done defending the Nation of Islam. I've been thinking about it, and how I used to think "Oh, they're misunderstood, they deserve to worship their religion, blah blah blah..."

But then I remembered, I think all organized religion is stupid. It's just an excuse for a small number of men to bully and proselytize non-sensical jeremiads that lower the standard of living for all of the adherents of the said religion. For example: People opposed to vaccinating teenage girls for HPV because it somehow "promotes" loose behavior. But I'm not going to go on about it, because everybody knows about this kind of bullshit, or, if they still belong to a religion, they effectively promote this bullshit.

So, back to my Xenophobic statement: The rampant misogyny must have been okay with me, since it never fucking struck me how ridiculous the Muslims are about women - and you can say all religions exist on a continuum, that the Muslims are where the Catholics were around the time of the Inquisition, organizationally - but when it comes to rioting over cartoons, they've gone too far. I include all Muslims because I'm irrational and biased, but also because I didn't hear anyone from their side saying "This is ridiculous" - all anyone said was, "This is what happens when people are repressed, blah blah blah"... But this ISN'T what happens when people are repressed. What happens is a Muslim kid gets shot because he looks like a Muslim kid, and Muslim kids have been blamed for all the crime in the countr, and so was guilty of nothing but being who he was in an oppressive environment - THEN you riot and burn down places like KFC. You don't do it over a cartoon. Islam's over a thousand years old, and still has no ground rules for rioting. They do have a list for what women can and cannot wear though. Some people just have screwed up priorities.

And I'll throw in my anti-Christian statement of the week, the second most popular long-running feature of this blog: People in west county want to build a gigantic cross visible from the highway because, apparently, they want people to know that instead of paying for things like education, they waste money on giant crosses that are visible from the highway. God, I hate Christians.


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