Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fox Website

The post today on the Fox News Website by Neil Cavuto, ostensibly their business anchor, basically compares George W Bush to Lincoln, because of the difficulties they both faced. Now, I could do something logical, and suggest that the Civil War was not Lincoln's doing. I could suggest that it was largely James Buchanan's fault, for sitting idly as the acrimony between north and south builtm, or perhaps the states who seceded from the union. I could also argue that there was probably a great number of people who supported Lincoln through the ordeal. And I would exhaust myself going over reasons suggesting that everything Bush has gotten a rap for has been almost entirely of his own doing. But I won't. I'll just guide your attention to the part where Cavuto says, after suggesting that Lincoln was just as unpopular as Bush is:

"I am smart enough to say the headlines, and cartoons, of the moment, can look kind of silly themselves.

"Funny thing, history."

Let history show that Neil Cavuto is a fucking moron.


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