Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm sure everyone else is tired of this as well, but I'm fuckin tired of all these news personalities grilling writers accused of plagiarism. I'm sure all of them actually did plagiarize, but Christ. This is not the technology age, it's the age of righteous indignation. Precisely what experience with writing does Katie Couric have that she can bitch at this sophomore from Harvard about the stuff she plagiarized? Big fuckin deal. If someone plagiarizes, it doesn't mean they're bad people - I love how Couric asked "How would your parents feel about this?" - it means they're just not up to the task of writing. That's all. That probably stings them more than all this shit about "how dare you?!" This is why I like Keith Olbermann, the man name-drops every book he's read, and he won my heart with an anecdote about Yossarian, just to show he's not fucking around. It's so self-absorbed but so necessary for the Countdown experience. God bless the man. Anyway, the real issue is the racket of the publishing world. It's just as full of whores and starfuckers as the film business, it's just that none of them are famous. A 19 year-old kid gets a 500,000 dollar deal to write a fuckin work of fiction? Please. That's the real travesty. Yes I'm bitter. Who wouldn't be? Fuck you for thinking I SHOULDN'T be bitter about such a thing. Because here's the deal - I could be just as mediocre as this girl from Harvard - but I'm getting what I deserve in not being published. Alas, the world is not a fair place. And I'm not mediocre. I'm actually quite good. So I have even more reason to be bitter. What was this post about again?


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