Friday, September 29, 2006

I Don't Hate David Eckstein

So, I'm finally tired of the guys at Fire Joe Morgan bitching about David Eckstein. His reputation seems to be based off more anecdotal evidence than statistics, too many articles have referred to him as "diminutive" (and, guys, I'm glad you've read Swift, but there's really no need to use the term "Lilliputian" outside of a senior thesis on Gulliver's Travels), and if he played for any other team, I'd hate him like I hate Craig Biggio and the state of Texas. Fuck them. But in the usual post about Joe Morgan's chat, someone asked a question as to who deserves the MVP more: Pujols or Howard. Ken Tremendous talks about Howard's onbase percentage and other stuff that baseball fans who care enough to know what they're talking about cite, but ends with this statement:

"Would you rather have a guy with only 41 strikeouts and a .350 OBP, who is legendarily good at "moving runners over?" Because you can have him. I'll take Howard, please."

What the fuck does David Eckstein have to do with the debate over who deserves the MVP more? Is it because he's a Cardinal? Hey, Larry Bowa was a douche bag, so Ryan Howard doesn't deserve the MVP. The Eckstein-hate has gone too far. How would these guys like it if someone said David Ortiz didn't deserve an MVP because Curt Schilling is a toothless, self-promoting, Evangelical Christian cunt? Not at all? Oh. Nevermind.

Oh, and yesterday, Kevin Slaten - the heartwarming local sensation (it's an incredible story, really - he was born with a crippling learning disability - possibly mental retardation - and has become the king of local sports radio... some would say the two are interconnected), suggested that Albert Pujols could never measure up to Stan Musial because he's nowhere near as good a person off the field. He even suggested that Pujols is a bad seed. Why? Because he watches his home runs too long. Later, he suggested the NFL has become worse than the "unwatchable" NBA because of its preening prima donnas who show off after making a big play. First off, this argument has only made its proponents sound smarter since Frank Deford (with a thumb up his ass, no less!) wrote it fifteen years ago, and second, Kevin Slaten hates black people.


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