Monday, April 02, 2007


I'm listening to a podcast of Sound Opinions from last summer about the ideal summer songs. It seems at the beginning of every season, or at least at the onset of autumn and spring, I try to make a mental inventory of songs that evoke the aura of the season, of driving through leaf-strewn streets in fall, etc.

Anyway, I always get bored after considering two albums. I find that my memories of seasons, or the way I tie music in with seasons, is connected with when bands tend to release their music. Wilco's last two albums came out during the summer, the tortuous route of Yankee Hotel leaves it without a definitive release date, but I first heard it the summer after it was properly released, and A.M., Being There, and Summerteeth are summer albums regardless of when they were released.

Stephen Malkmus has released all of his solo albums during the springtime and into the summer, and his music, though off-kilter, has an anthemic vibe to it.

Ted Leo's Hearts of Oak is a summer album. See, that's the problem, I reconcile seasons with albums.

Andrew Bird's Mysterious Production of Eggs and Armchair Apocrypha both came out in the spring time. I guess I should look up release dates to make sure, but in Colbertian speak, I FEEL like this all happened at the same time.

Leonard Cohen's Songs of Love and Hate and Songs of Leonard Cohen are winter albums. I listen to "Avalanche" under five blankets, suffering from seasonal-onset depression.

"Break Up the Family" by Morrissey is a late-winter/early-spring song. I envision driving through Edwardsville, which all-in-all is a lovely little town, on a sixty-degree late-winter day when all of the snow is melting.

"In the Devil's Territory" by Sufjan Stevens is a quintessential autumn song. I can't listen to it without thinking of bails of hay and orange leaves swept in the breeze.

"My Own Face Inside the Trees" by the Clientele should only be played at summer after-parties.

Shit, I feel like Andy Rooney or Larry King.

The Decemberists are autumnal, and as I recall, have staggered seasonal releases. The Crane Wife came out around the onset of Fall last year, but Picaresque was a spring release. It's kind of irrelevant, now that I think about it, attributing release dates to the seasonal feel of the music, which is in itself subjective.

Maybe I'll have a spring or summer list. Pavement is summer. I'll think about how much of a dork about this I want to be.


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