Monday, July 23, 2007

Some things that need to stop

1) The use of the word "devour" when applied to anything that is not the clumsy, utensils-free consumption of food. I absolutely hate it when people say they "devoured" books as a high schooler or whatever. It's piggish and unbecoming. Even the implication of it is bad: It is not done for any intellectual sustenance but a base, undiscerning urge to gorge on whatever is available. Also, it's a cliche.

2) The capricious use of capital letters to raise the importance of words in a printed sentence. Often seen in blogs. Glenn Greenwald is a frequent offender. It's Grammatically Incorrect. It's the written equivalent of making the quote marks signal with your hands. In a strange way, it's snobbish. Or presumptuous - at least, the way Greenwald uses it is.

3) The perfunctory use of "Heck of a job, Brownie" in any criticism, written or otherwise, of the Bush administration. This, too, is a cliche. It's short-hand for liberal contempt - which, trust me, I will never be short of - but it's the contempt, in my mind, of Dailykos liberals who unfailingly say "Faux news" or "Fox noise" and folks like Maureen Dowd, who will debase us all before her work is done.


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