Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things I learned from Conservapedia

-It loves a straw man! Emphasis mine!

"The Equal Rights amendment passed Congress in 1972 but was ultimately defeated, falling just three states short of the required two-thirds majority on June 30, 1982. The majority of Americans felt that its passage would entail several consequences, including making girls subject to the military draft, the integration of single-sex schools, the possible recognition of homosexual marriage, and the revocation of laws that protect women in dangerous jobs, such as factory or mining work."

-It hates faggoty liberal grammar!

"Some of these [New Deal] policies were viewed controversially coupled with persistent high level of unemployment in the 1930s as a result and later US involvement in WWII."

-Barack Obama is a Marxist Leftist!

-Gay people beat each other when they're not fucking each other!

-Gay people are fucking crazy!

-Gay people are terrorists!

-Gay people were gay thousands of years ago!

-Gay people got their powers like the Fantastic Four!

-Gay people are pussies who complain too much!

-Encyclopedically speaking, the Iraq War is good!

-Ronald Reagan is the greatest president who suffered from dementia in office!

-Nixon was a patsy!

-McCarthy was a goddamn hero, you fucking pussies!

-McCarthy's censure was a brazen abuse of power!

-Michelle Malkin has well thought out stances on exactly three issues!

-Harry Potter hates Jesus!

-Conservapedia doesn't get irony!

-Science doesn't have enough non-science!

-Planned Parenthood makes its money off hot, teenage semen!

-Jerry Falwell was pro-apartheid, but anti-black communists!

-In his entire life, Alberto Gonzales has accomplished two things!


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