Friday, October 27, 2006

Now Leaving Missouri

Now Entering Missourah.

My favorite thing about election season is the pandering, particularly of the linguistic kind. The most half-assed of this sort always happens in senatorial campaigns for Missouri. Both sides wind up calling the state "Missourah" by the end of the campaign cycle, because that's how twenty drunken boaters in the Ozarks say it. Even better is when, taking a cue from these campaign ads, pundits on CNN and Fox call it "Missourah." Look for it. It's happening. I'm scared to find out if this tactic is effective or not, because with Missourians, it probably is. It reminds me of how conservatives starting pronouncing the word "Nucular" as a show of solidarity with the president. So basically, politicians, note this: You can never understimate how stupid your voters are.


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