Thursday, September 29, 2005

St. Louis

Atomic Cowboy is the greatest bar to ever grace St. Louis. This is not an overstatement. For those who insist that attractive people do not congregate long in St. Louis, I offer Atomic Cowboy as the counterpoint. These skeptics will then point out George's on 66, The Trophy Room, Uncle Bill's, and a baker's dozen metro area Denny's as a counterpoint to my counterpoint. Valiantly, however, does the slowly fading attractive sect fight for its existence, and Atomic Cowboy is the vanguard of this glorious revolution. It's spacious, quietly subversive, has your eating area on one side, your bar on the other, and a giant back patio with what may be a cabana filled with alcoholic delicacy's including Tecate and Stag, beer only carried by vendors who care about beer. There's a giant poster of Andy Warhold wrapped in the American Flag, and that's by the lounge with the vinyl couches and fifties mod lamps. The Helium Tapes played there last weekend, and even their gorgeous lead singer, Sunyatta, couldn't keep my attention long, such was the talent at this bar. Granted, on nights that the loyal hipster following of the Helium Tapes does not grace Atomic Cowboy with its androgynous, too-interested presence, the turnout may not be as big. I would have payed to get in there.