Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quit It

Some liberals have been politicizing the hurricane in New Orleans, even blaming Bush for the infrastructural shortcomings and failures that have sullied the evacuation and clean-up efforts. Shut the fuck up, please. Jesus Christ. I've got Bush malaise, which is not as dirty as it sounds. Okay, he's an awful president, he can't manage a war or the economy and he certainly can not manage both at the same time, but enough already. Some have been pointing to a picture of him gleefully, smirkingly playing a guitar as the worst news came on Tuesday. This just establishes him as the white trash idiot that he is, not some kind of 21st century Nero. And really, when is funding in America not mismanaged? It's a travesty, to be sure, and an outrage - but seriously - blaming the president? Blame the entire structure - New Orleans government for resisting pleas of the past 40 years to modernize the levee system, Louisiana government for porkbarrelling homeland security funds to waste on whatever the fuck pet projects they have, and the American government for mismanaging funding on a wide spectrum.

And for those of you southerners who may have pilfered my brothers things after he, like any intelligent fucking person would do, evacuated the city, I hope your deaths from water borne diseases are as painful for you as they are hilarious to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An Abomination

Is what is.

Let's see, at the Decemberists concert, you have a bunch of aging hipsters sitting off to the side, drinking gin and tonics at a music venue, and making catty comments about the younger hipsters.

At the Kings of Leon at Mississippi Nights (the Kings blow, by the by) you have a bunch of ex-football players knocking the girls over beating the shit out of everyone near them.

At the Killers concert, you have Brandon Flowers exhibiting his "talent" so that the dipshits in the crowd who think this music is revolutionary are the least of your problems...

and you're worried about the one guy who's actually having a good time, actually doing what is expected of someone at a concert venue?

I understand Bob has cut a wide swath in this country, but he is a St. Louis institution, and he's the one symbol that isn't indicative of the parochial, alcoholic smallness of this little big town. He's the only white person white people are afraid to approach in St. Louis. You know something is a pretty big deal if Beatle Bob is there.

Ah, what do you expect of a populace that looks more kindly on Andy Van Slyke than it does Bob Gibson?